• What are frozen cooked noodles? Are Sanuki Premium Frozen Noodles the frozen cooked noodles?
    Frozen cooked noodles are very popular in U.S and Europe. With the modern high technology to treat food, we imitate the process of hand-making noodles. Right when the noodle is cooked and at the best state, it is quickly frozen to keep the freshness. There is no need to unfreeze. Just re-heat in boiling water, the noodles are ready to be served. Namchow Group is the first company in Taiwan to introduce the world-standard high-tech frozen noodle-making equipment. We also select the top golden wheat powder from Australia to manufacture healthy and delicious noodles for people in Taiwan. Please appoint Namchow’s Sanuki frozen noodles. We guarantee that the noodles are fresher, cheaper and more delicious than those imported from Japan!
  • How to cook the Sanuki frozen udon noodles as delicious as cooked by five-star hotels?
    The Sanuki frozen noodles are convenient and easy to cook. Everyone could use it to make a delicious bowl of noodles. The Sanuki frozen noodles are already cooked, there is no need to unfreeze before re-heating. Right when the noodles totally spread in boiling water, it is ready to be eaten. The following are several easy cooking methods for your reference:
    1. Noodles in soup: Make the soup first, and cooked the ingredients. Finally, put the noodles in the soup.
    2. Cold noodles: Re-heat the noodles in boiling water, and then put the noodles in ice water.
    3. Stir-fried noodles: Stir-fried the ingredients first. Re-heat the noodles in boiling water and put the noodles in the pan. Easily stir-fry the noodles with ingredients and the dish is ready.
    The noodles are also suitable for any special cuisine that you are good at to cook. It is easy and convenient.
  • What is the difference between Sanuki Frozen Udon Noodles and other cold-storage udon noodles?
    The main raw materials of Sanuki Frozen Udon Noodles are flour, salt and water. Once the noodles are well-cooked, they are quickly frozen at - 18℃ to keep its freshness so that the crystal noodles are chewy and elastic.No preservatives. The delicious and healthy noodles are verified by the FSSC22000 international certificate.
  • Where can I buy the delicious Sanuki Frozen Udon Noodles? Do you offer delivery service?
    The noodles are sold in major department stores, supermarkets and wholesale stores, including Carrefour, RT-mart, a-mart, Taisuco, Dollars Mall, Takashimaya Department Store, Wellcome supermarket, JASONS, CITYSUPER, SOGO, Sinkong Mitsukoshi, Breeze Center, Far Eastern Department Store, etc.
    You may also purchase from on-line shop and the product will be delivered to your home.
  • How to cook a delicious cuisine easily?
    1. Noodles in soup: Take the frozen cooked noodles without unfreezingt. Put the noodles in boiling water and stir until the noodles totally spread out and it is ready. (Sanuki Frozen Noodles has smooth and chewy taste, it is perfect for hot pot because the noodles are not easy to absorb the soup)
    2. Stir-fried noodles:
      1. Stir-fry all the ingredients to medium-well.
      2. Put the frozen noodles (no need to unfreeze, put the whole piece into the pan). Pour appropriate amount of water and cover the pan. Right when the noodles totally spread out, stir-fry for several minutes and the dish is ready.
    3. Microwave:
      1. Dry noodles: Put the frozen noodles in a microwave bowl and your preferred sauce. Microwave for 4-5 minute. After stirring the noodles and sauce for seconds, the dish is ready.
      2. Noodles in soup: Pour appropriate amount of water, the frozen noodles and other ingredients in a microwave bowl. Microwave for 5-6 minutes (The microwaving time will be different depending on the machine type and the ingredients you put)
    4. Cold noodles:
      1. Put the frozen noodles in boiling water and stir until the noodles totally spread out
      2. Pull out the noodles and put them in ice water
      3. Mix with your preferred sauce and the dish is ready.