1. World-class high-tech quick-freezing noodle making facilities and raw materials

Namchow Group spent 300 million dollars to introduce the world-class high-tech automatic quick-freezing noodle making equipment and selected the top golden wheat powder from Australia. The noodles are manufactured in the 6600 square-meter Chungli base and delivered freshly. 

2. (Food safety management) International Certification to strictly control food safety and hygiene

The Japanese patent “Clean In Place” automatic cleaning system uses computer to precisely control during the entire manufacturing process. The system will clean and sterilize thoroughly and avoid the growth of bacteria. Namchow Group also received the international certificate FSSC22000 (International Food Safety Management System). FSSC22000 is the only world-class food verification standard recognized by GFSI ( Global Food Safety Initiative ). GFSI is promoted by CIES (Comparative and International Education Society). In addition, Namchow Group implements the inspection and control of food safety and hygiene. The two-stage metal detector is installed before and after the packaging process in order to eliminate metallic contaminant and strictly control food safety and hygiene. 

3. Japanese patented process imitates the skills of the professional noodle-making master and frozen the fresh and healthy taste of noodles

Imitate the unique skill "part of the hand between the thumb and the index finger" of professional noodle-making master. Sheet the dough until obtain the best elastic and extensional properties of noodles. Accurately control the "golden time core technology" to frozen the noodles instantly and lock the moisture and fresh taste of noodles. The unique chewy taste of the "Premium Frozen Noodles" is created by our exclusive technology.

4. Stable quality. Easy to cook. No waste. Increase profit

The frozen noodles are already cooked so that it is easy and quick to re-cook. Put the noodles in boiling water for 45 seconds, when the noodles spread in the pot, it is ready to eat. In this way, everyone can become a cooking master. This product not only save labor cost, but also enhance the table turnover rate. The Premium Frozen Noodles are only made of flour, salt and water without any preservatives. With the high-tech quick-freezing technology, the noodles could maintain the best condition as they are just well-cooked. Then the noodles are quickly frozen at - 18℃ to achieve 12-month shelf life without any food waste. The stable and uniform quality substantially increases the profit.